Obsolete and Hard to Find Chassis and Steering Parts Specials

Call for pricing - 1-617-782-1075

The following Chassis Parts are being offered at Special Pricing and are available on a very limited basis.

Moog # NAPA # Spicer # TRW # Mcquay Norris # OEM # Description General Application
DS1000 272-1186 435-1041 DS933 DS1000 Drag Link Dodge Plymouth
DS1001 272-4118 440-1041 DS1001 DS1001 E0TZ-3304A Tie Rod End Ford
DS1002 269-5073 405-1027 DS1002 DS1002 E0TZ-3A130A Tie Rod End Ford
DS1007 DS1007 Center Link BMW
DS1031 Drag Link Navistar
DS1041 272-4154 440-1061 DS1041 DS1041 E3TZ-3304A E6TZ-3304B Tie Rod End Ford
DS1043S Adjusting Sleeve Dodge
DS1046 269-6046 410-1027 DS1046 DS1046 8952000601 Tie Rod End Jeep
DS1069 272-4169 440-1075 DS1069 DS1069 F2TZ-3304A Tie Rod End Ford
DS1071 269-6055 410-1034 DS1071 DS1071 E8TZ-3A130B F2TZ-3A130C Tie Rod End Ford
DS1072 269-5094 405-1041 DS1072 DS1072 F2TZ-3A130D Tie Rod End Ford
DS1116 272-4151 440-1058 DS1116 DS1116 7837639 7837837 Center Link Cadillac
DS1140 272-4086 440-1022 DS843 DS843 E6UZ-3304A Drag Link Ford
DS1147 272-4170 440-1076 DS1147 DS1147 Track Bar Jeep
DS1148 Center Link Cadillac
DS1161 269-6060 410-1039 DS1161 DS1161 E9TZ-3304C F2TZ-3304D Tie Rod End Ford Mazda
DS1163 269-6056 410-1035 DS1163 DS1163 E8TZ-3A130A Tie Rod End Ford
DS1175 269-6058 410-1037 DS1175 DS1175 E8UZ-3304B Tie Rod End  Ford
DS1177 269-5095 405-1042 DS1177 DS1177 ZZL1-3A130A Tie Rod End   Ford Mazda
DS1204 E3HZ3304A F0HZ3304A Center Link Ford
DS1238 269-6064 410-1043 DS1238 DS1238 52006592 Tie Rod End Jeep
DS1239S 269-6066 410-1045 DS1239S DS1239S 52005743 Adjusting Sleeve Jeep
DS1260 269-6082 410-1060 DS1285 DS1285 26023000 Tie Rod End Chevrolet GMC
DS1270 F2HZ3304C Center Link Ford
DS1286 269-6068 410-1047 DS1286 DS1286 F2UZ-3304A Tie Rod End Ford
DS1288 269-5118 405-1061 DS1288 DS1288 F2UZ-3A130A Tie Rod End Ford
DS1308 269-6081 410-1059 DS1308 DS1308 Tie Rod End Dodge
DS1311 269-6084 410-1062 DS1311 DS1311 52005738 Tie Rod End Jeep
DS1371 F5HZ3304B Drag Link Ford
DS1413 272-4229 440-1127 Track Bar Dodge
DS1414 272-4227 440-1125 Drag Link Dodge
DS1419 272-4201 440-1102 F4TZ-3304A Tie Rod End Ford
DS1420 269-5139 405-1076 F4TZ-3A130A Tie Rod End Ford
DS1425 272-4235 440-1134 DS1425 DS1425 Center Link Ford Lincoln
DS1434 269-5159 405-1096 DS1434 DS1434 F81A-3289-AB Tie Rod End Ford
DS1439 269-6088 410-1066 DS1439 DS1439 F81A-3B411AA Tie Rod End Ford
DS1457 269-6099 410-1077 DS1457 DS1457 Tie Rod End Dodge
DS659 DS659 DS659 C1TT3304S Drag Link Ford
DS737 272-4078 440-1015 DS737 DS737 C5TZ-3304C Drag Link Ford
DS749 272-4046 440-1002 DS749 DS749 Center Link Pontiac
DS768 DS768 DS768
DS781 DS781 DS781 3964870 Tie Rod End Chevrolet
DS782 DS782 DS782 3964869 Tie Rod End Chevrolet
DS793 269-5530 405-1112 ES4002 Tie Rod End Ford
DS794 269-5033 405-1004 DS794 DS794 D2TZ-3A131A Tie Rod End Ford
DS796 272-4065 440-1005 DS796 DS796 D2TZ-3304A Drag Link Ford
DS804 272-4069 440-1009 DS804 DS804 Center Link Dodge Plymouth
DS809 272-4073 440-1012 DS809 Center Link Oldsmobile Pontiac
DS811 DS811 DS811 C6TZ3304R Center Link Ford
DS813 DS813 DS813
DS820 269-5037 405-1007 DS820 D3AZ-3A131A Tie Rod End Ford Lincoln Mercury
DS825 272-1038 435-1019 DS825 E5UZ-3A130A Tie Rod End Ford
DS826 272-4090 440-1025 DS826 E5UZ-3304A Drag Link Ford
DS829 272-4087 440-1023 DS829 3964873 Center Link Oldsmobile Pontiac
DS833 DS833 DS833
DS844 DS844 DS844 Tie Rod End Ford
DS893 269-6019 410-1010 DS893 DS893 Tie Rod End Chevrolet GMC
DS896 8123316 Tie Rod End Jeep
DS899 272-4193 440-1098 DS899 DS899 7837641 Center Link Pontiac
DS908 272-1150 435-1033 DS908 DS908 D5HZ-3304C E3HZ-3304D Drag Link Ford
DS914 272-1178 435-1038 DS914 DS914 Drag Link Dodge Plymouth
DS915 8124823 Tie Rod Jeep
DS918 269-5063 405-1022 DS918 DS918 D7UZ-3A130A Tie Rod End Ford
DS928 272-4117 440-1040 DS1018 DS1018 E2TZ-3304B E6TZ-3304A Tie Rod End Ford
DS984 DS984 DS984
DS988 DS988 DS988 684196 Drag Link GMC
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